The himu

The Himu

The himu. হিমুরা এমই হয়।

Himu is a fictional character created by the renowned Bangladeshi author Humayun Ahmed. He is a unique character who defies the typical stereotypes of a hero. The name “Himu” is short for Himalaya, as the character is said to have originated from the mountains. Himu’s character is quite different from other characters in Bengali literature as he is a complex and eccentric person who lives life on his own terms.

Himu is often described as a simple and unassuming person who dresses in a yellow panjabi (a traditional Bengali shirt) and white pajamas. He is usually seen wandering the streets of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, lost in his own thoughts. Himu is an enigmatic character who is always searching for the meaning of life and often engages in philosophical discussions with people he meets.

One of the most notable features of Himu’s character is his unconventional approach to life. He has a deep mistrust of modern society and its materialistic values. He rejects the norms and conventions of society and prefers to live a simple life, devoid of possessions and materialistic desires. Himu’s philosophy is based on the idea that true happiness and contentment can only be found within oneself and not through external possessions.

Himu’s eccentricity is also reflected in his behavior. He often behaves in an unpredictable manner, and his actions can be quite puzzling to those around him. For example, he may suddenly start laughing uncontrollably or engage in seemingly meaningless activities such as staring at a wall for hours. However, despite his unusual behavior, Himu has a kind heart and a genuine desire to help others. He often goes out of his way to help those in need, and his actions are motivated by a deep sense of empathy.

Himu’s character has become a cultural phenomenon in Bangladesh, and he has gained a massive following among readers. His popularity can be attributed to his unique personality, which reflects the struggles and aspirations of many people in Bangladesh. Through Himu, Humayun Ahmed has created a character that resonates with the people and has become a symbol of hope and inspiration for many.

In conclusion, Himu is a unique and fascinating character who has captured the hearts and minds of readers in Bangladesh and beyond. His unconventional approach to life, his enigmatic personality, and his deep empathy for others make him a beloved and memorable character in Bengali literature. Himu’s legacy continues to live on, and his character remains a source of inspiration and hopes for many people.

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